A compact color line for the creative, ingredient-conscious stylist.

Your color line shouldn't cramp your style - or your space.

Many color lines require excessive inventory to transform one color segment into another, limiting your workspace, budget, and creativity as a colorist. 

KEVIN.MURPHY launched COLOR.ME with your lifestyle in mind. 

This multi-tonal, compact color line easily transforms color segments without cramping your style or your space so your artistry can shine! COLOR.ME’s naturally beneficial ingredients deliver healthy hair and authentic color for your clients every time – without harming the skin or environment. 

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Fashion. Performance. Environment.

These 3 principles drive every decision at KEVIN.MURPHY, including the creation of COLOR.ME.



Natural-looking, creative color

Gorgeous packaging

Artistic brushes and aprons



Delayed oxidation

Micro-pigments for dense color 

Molecular coupling guarantee



Naturally beneficial ingredients

Cruelty-free, ammonia-free, and PPD-free

Recyclable packaging

safe for you, your clients, and our world.

KEVIN.MURPHY has always been mindful of the impact its products have on people and the environment. COLOR.ME is no exception, which is why the color line is:



COLOR.ME’s gentle, natural ingredients deliver the natural-looking color and optimum functionality you want in a color line – minus the skin irritation or biting odor ammonia can leave behind. 



ParaPhenylenDiamine is the culprit for many scalp irritations or allergic reactions during the coloring process. COLOR.ME has no PPD, minimizing the risk of skin irritation for you and your clients.



KEVIN.MURPHY never tests COLOR.ME or any of its products on animals. Since 2011, KEVIN.MURPHY has been certified according to PETA’s standards and is one of the animal rights organization’s recommended “Cruelty Free” companies. 

the catalyst for color.me

“What goes inside the tube is just as important as the colour it creates. The choices we made are PPD free, ammonia free and naturally derived ingredients like Aloe Vera, Honey, Shea Butter and Pomegranate.”

-Kevin Murphy

Founder and world-renowned stylist Kevin Murphy has always been environment- and ingredient-conscious. 

While working backstage for runway shows, Kevin noticed the skin irritation other stylists battled. The common denominator? They had their hands in color all day. Although Kevin isn’t a colorist, he wanted to create a color line with more gentle, thoughtful ingredients for stylists and their clients.

In 2015, COLOR.ME was born from a desire to equip stylists like you with the products and tools you need to deliver beautiful shine and color without harming the skin or environment. 

Want to try COLOR.ME? Contact your Salon Services consultant today and learn more about the COLOR.ME samples or complimentary education available to you!

3-step technology to elevate your artistry

With KEVIN.MURPHY’s 3-step innovative technology, clients won’t stop talking about your ability to create consistent, beautiful hair color.

Step 1:

Oxidation-Delay Technology

Need a minute? Most color lines oxidize once oxygen hits the color in your bowl. COLOR.ME delays oxidation for 10 minutes unless applied to the hair so you can work your magic when you and your client are ready.


Step 2:

Special Micro-Pigments

COLOR.ME’s special micro-pigments penetrate deep into the hair shaft with minimal cuticle swelling, increasing color density while decreasing fadage. Clients will leave your chair with shinier, healthier-looking hair!

Part 3:

Secure Bonds Support

COLOR.ME has a molecular coupling guarantee! The innovative technology ensures that every pigment base molecule finds its soulmate, connecting to another molecule and reducing skin irritations, allergic reactions, and pollution.


Watch How It Works:

Interested in trying COLOR.ME? Click the link below to see if you’re eligible for free samples or a complimentary class!